Dr. Brandon Kilgore
Dr. Brandon Kilgore performs Oklahoma's first single-incision gallbladder surgery.
OU Medical Center Edmond is pioneering a growing number of procedures not available anywhere else in the community—and in some cases, the state. Here's just the latest example.

On February 17, Dr. Kilgore became the first surgeon in Oklahoma to use da Vinci robotic technology for gallbladder removal. With it, he made a single small incision through the patient's belly button to successfully remove the organ. This is a significant advantage over traditional laparoscopic surgery, which requires a 5- to 7-inch incision into the upper right part of the belly.

Amazingly, the procedure was completed in about 60 minutes and the patient returned home the same day. Because it's minimally invasive, the surgery causes little discomfort and virtually no visible scar.

OU Medical Center Edmond is the only hospital in the Oklahoma City metro area and one of only 20 sites across the country to offer this groundbreaking procedure.
Dr. Brandon Kilgore